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Customers are often curious about how our Orbital Belt Sorter differs from the old belt sorter in the past. Below is just a short list of the many ways our Orbital Belt Sorter differs.

Our equipment allows the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • Reduces Good Grain-in-Cull (GGC) By 66%                           
  • 125 bph Per Belt Capacity                   
  • Eliminates De-stoner and Spiral Separators                               
  • Increases Quality Of The Final Product By Decreasing Cull-Grain-in-Good (CGG)                           

Below is one of four belts in operation


Here are just some of the extra benefits:

  • Reduced Energy Requirements                     
  • Quiet Running                    
  • Minimiun Dust                    
  • Low Maintenance                 
  • Operator Friendly                
  • Lower Overhead Height


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