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The uniqueness of the ASI technology lies in the orbital motion imparted to the normally static belt sorting system. This patented motion increases the ASI Orbital Belt Sorter productivity 850 % over typical static belt sorting sytems.  Yes, you read correctly, the ASI Orbital Belt Sorter can sort eight and a half times more per belt.  We can accurately sort by a differentiation of roundness in soybeans at the rate of 125+ bushel per hour (or 3.75+ tons) per belt. A four-belt, the ASI-4000 Orbital Belt Sorter can condition 525+ bushels of soybeans per hour. With this capacity increase, you can run ALL of your production over the ASI Belt Sorter to achieve optimal quality and reduce Good-Grain-in-Culls losses.

ASI-4000 Our four belt machine. (Doors removed for photo)

Click the link below for our short YouTube video of the ASI-4000 in action!

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