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 Overhead Height Reduced:  The ASI-4000 Orbital Belt Sorter, running at 525+ bph is less than 11 ft. tall compared to many 200 bph machines that are 18 ft. tall. 

All-Weather, Seamless Belts:  Our belts are selected for separation accuracy and durability.  We have some belts that have run more than 400,000 bushels over each one and show no significant wear.


 Environmentally Friendly: The ASI-4000 Orbital Belt Sorter runs on only 7 hp and can eliminate the need for a destoner and gravity table on many lots of product.  This not only saves energy, but operator time and maintenance. 

Reduced Labor: The ease of operation and fewer number of moving parts per bushel of capacity reduces the total labor of operating and maintaining the ASI Orbital Belt Sorter while increasing production.  It has been reported that the ASI Orbital Belt Sorter has reduced conditioning labor by .5 full time equivalent (FTE)


Operator Friendly: The operator can make "on-the-go" tilt, elevation, belt speed and orbit speed adjustments with an HMI touch screen.  Optional camera on each belt with panel-mounted monitors allow the operator to see the impact of adjustments in real time for more accurate settings to control the quality of output.

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